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Some of the software technologies included in our trainings

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We are the future!
Next generation of IT trainings. As a student, You will actually work on real projects, with training on the job tasks. Our students have more than just certificates to show after a course, they have experience in a software project given either by some of our Business partners or is Open source licensed.

Our platform is flexible enough to design any course based on Your own needs. Pay only for the resources You actually use. You will receive trainings on your computer, tablet or mobile phone!

But, You get even more. A long term partnership and being part of large community. Support and answers from experts with extensive and proven experience in their field of work. Our content materials, themes and technologies are always up to date. The practical exercises are based on real scenarios and problems. You will be placed in a copy of the daily work environment.

Plus registration at our forum, homework system, tests and practical workshops!

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In order to timely form the groups and planned courses we offer the following registration process for your chosen trainings:

You can fill the Sign up form, thereby showing Your interest in a particular course.

We commit to send You an email confirmation of the successful registration and inform You about the next dates when the course will start.

A few weeks before the beginning of the course we contact You by phone or via email and invite You be take part of it.

Upon confirmation, You will be included in the group for this given course.

Payment can be done only via bank transfer. It is desirable to be carried out a week before the beginning of the course.

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Top frequently asked qustions

Want to know more? We answered some of the frequently asked questions.

Between what types of courses can I choose?

You decide what will be included in Your training, just pick any of our services and add it to the course.
You can choose if the course will run as the standard class room trainings, but via video call webinars. You again get the lectures, demonstarations and exercises with the help of a lecturer carried over from the comfort of Your home and on Your laptop or mobile device.
In the same time via our Platform, You decide for yourself how and when to learn. You can choose to participate in our Workshops (online again), which are held on every 4 topics of the course. A technical trainer will help You to consolidate the gained knowledge so far. Finally, You have an exam and if successfully passed, You will receive Your certificate.

How can you afford FREE courses?

We consider Your education as an investment. We believe that if You are happy and want to grow - You will become our long-term partner. 

What happens after I finish a course?

You become part of our community and a long-term trusted partner. We want to work with You and we would like to involve You in our B2B services. For example, You can generate a primary or secondary source of income via our On-demand team.

I have chosen my course, but there are no vacancies. What can I do?

We will add You to a list for the next edition of the course. A few weeks before the course starts, we will connect with you first and invite You to sign up. 

I have another question, what to do?

We will be happy to answer via our Contact form. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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